Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What the Heck Wednesday!

I got todays theme from a wonderful blogger mommyologist

So here goes:

So my youngest daughter is sick. Shes got an awful cough and the green virus snot coming out of her nose (sorry about the image there!) and just not feeling the best. So my oldest daughter decides she not getting enough attention and pretend to be sick too! WHAT THE HECK! She has the funniest fake cough Ive ever heard and when I ask her about it, she tells me shes pretending to be sick because daughter #2 is getting more attention.

Ive been driving daughter #1 to the bus in the mornings because I feel so bad making her (and #2) out in the cold and EVERY morning this guy drives by and shakes his head at me for parking on the side of the road. WHAT THE HECK! Doesnt he have anything else better to do!I cant help it that the bus wont drive to my house and have personalized service just for my little girl! By the way, I totally think thats what she deserves!

Why do my kids have NO matching gloves? It seems like everytime we get ready to leave the house, it seems like they always are missing just that one glove. WHAT THE HECK! Is there like a glove snatcher sneaking in my house and stealing gloves in te middle of the night?

And lastly, why is Wednesday so hard to spell? Every time I write it, I always spell it wrong and have to go back and retype! WHAT THE HECK!


Mandy P said...

That's awesome...the Wednesday thing. I agree. R also had a "fake" cough and likes to use it all during nap time so I'll come up and check on him. It's annoying.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i have something in common with your kids... i seem to have no matching socks anymore and it makes me crazy. hope the lil' gal gets better quick!

Maria said...

Green crap out of the nose is not fun for anybody...Hope she gets better soon!