Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a quick note!

Ok so I left to visit the in-laws for the weekend and let me say....I almost died without my blog!! It was awful! I was having withdraws like an addict! Panic attacks, night sweats, hallucinations!

Ok so maybe im exaggerating a bit but it was definitly hard! Anyways, I was SOSOSOSO excited to find that I got a bunch of new followers from Follow Friday! I actually started jumping up and down with excitement to get to check out all of my new friends pages! It will take me all night but im gonna do it!

To my previous new friends, sorry for negleting you this weekend and Im so excited to hear about how all of your weekends went!

Im off to read and I cant wait!

Heres to a great start of a new week!!!!:)


H said...

I spent all Friday night visiting all my new blogger friends from Friday Follow I know exactly what you mean! From you fellow Coffee loving blogger friend...Heather @ Caffeine and Dreams.

Kaz and Amy said...

Aren't new followers the best! Lol! Glad you had a good weekend!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i know what you mean! : ) when you're away from the blogging world for even just one day you feel like you miss a whole year!!! i really really do love your new design! it's fun-loving, clean and flat out adorable. yay!

Maria said...

Will you be participating in the Follow Me Friday again this week? I am kind of stuck at 12 followers and love to increase the traffic on my blog...Let me know.

Hope you had a great time at your in-laws.

Here's to a happy week!

Jocelyn said...

Isn't it funny how addicted to blogging you can get??? I check it like 40 times a day...ok, maybe I exaggerated a little:-)

Mandy P said...

Look at your fancy new layout!! Perty. Where'd you get it? And congrats on your followers! It's exciting, isn't it? =)

Jamie Jenson said...

Ooh! Whatcha reading??!

Anonymous said...

LOL- I so feel your pain. I get all twitchy if I can't blog.

Anonymous said...


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