Monday, March 8, 2010

My official boycott

Im not sure how many of you watch the bachelor but after these last two stints of the show, I have decided to officially announce my boycott!!

How can I waste my precious blogging time on a show that will, in the end, break my heart! I felt so awful for Melissa when Jason asked her to marry him and then two seconds later, said peace out! Then comes Jake...awwww...on the wings of love....southern gentleman.....etc etc...BAM! Suckers!

I just cant take it anymore!

I hope noone watched the Bachelor wedding still a little bitter and no I wont get over it! So now, im stomping my foot like my two year old and watching reruns of house.

Goodnight all! See you tomorrow for Tell Me Tuesday!


Maegan said...

I'm not a big Bachelor fan so I will totally support you in your boycott! Thanks for the Follow! I reciprocated! Hope you have a great Monday evening!


Jamie Jenson said...

I tried to watch the wedding, but it was SO boring! I ended up changing the channel. Jake is an idiot. I'll keep watching the show, though, because it's stupid and gives me something to blog about. Hehehe

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i've never ever watched it! i'm kind of glad.

Maria said...

The thought of grown women throwing themselves at a guy eerily reminds me of high school. No thanks! I will join you in your boycott! LOL! Have a great Tuesday Jessica! And thanks again for the mention yesterday!

Candace said...

I never hopped on the bandwagon for The Bachelor because it makes me so mad when they start kissing everybody! HA! I told my husband last night that I just couldn't sit around and fall in love with a complete stranger that a ton of other girls were falling for too! Then - to not have a chance after that - blah!

I'm in support of your boycott! You know what else I boycott (even though I tried my best this year)? American Idol. I used to watch and stopped when the monotony started.

Jessica said...

Yes I agree! Im boycotting american idol too!!!

Kaz and Amy said...

I used to watch it and I came to the same conclusion! Hope you have a great Tuesday!