Monday, March 15, 2010

honey, dont bother mommy while I punch this lady in her neck!

Ok so for those of you who havent heard, or been to the SITS page yet today, let me fill you in!
An article was published in the sunday issue of the NY times about women/mom bloggers.

Here is the link in case you are interested;

I just want to say, WHAT THE H E double hockey sticks!

Why does this women feel the need to bash moms for having an outlet? Perhaps she has no kids of her own and doesnt really know how it feels? Does that really give her the right to judge?

Ive only been blogging for a couple months but in that time, have felt a huge amount of support from my friends that I have met through blogging! It nice to have an outlet or someplace to go just to laugh and have something for yourself.

This article really rubbed me the wrong way! Maybe its just me and my crazy self?

What do you all think?

Monday Mention, I didnt forget about are 2 blogs that I think you would all love to check out!

Laura Jane @
H @


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

that is so stinky! it's easy for blogging to take up way too much time, but that's why you have to balance it with everything else. i think blogging can be a mom's best friend! such a great way to learn about things, try new things, gain encouragment, and meet new friends! - like you!

Kaz and Amy said...

I’m glad I didn’t read it because it probably would have made me really mad! I agree that it can take up time but so does any hobby! Urggggg…It makes me mad and I didn’t even read it! Hope you have a great Monday!

tinypaperheart said...

i'm totally with you! i think blogging is a wonderful outlet. :)

I'm Jane said...

I think the article could have been titled a bit more diplomatically. It implies that blogging = bad mommy.

Bad juju to NYT!

H said...

I heard about that article. I got the jest of it and don't think I want to read the whole thing. I think my blogging has helped me become a better mom through all the advice from my new Mommy Blogger Friends so NYT lady can suck it!

Thanks for the mention today I am truly honored. I think I said that already but oh well!

Heather @ Caffeine and Dreams

Dee said...

I haven't been blogging for very long at all, but I have been reading blogs for a while. I have found many blogs I was able to relate to that helped me through trying times. I think it is a wonderful outlet.

the momma said...

I didn't see that to check it out. Or should I? Looks like I may be AnGrY afterwards...hmmm

Rachel said...

oh i left a nasty response to this hoohaw on SITS. i will paste it for you here because well i agree with your neck punching!
"well id have to disagree mr. ny times.
i’m not a mom and im on here.
im not trying to build a brand and im on here.
everyone who ive ever “met” from SITS has been so nice and supportive of my blog and I of theirs.
its so nice because ive been able to “meet” lol such a wide variety of people who share my interest in blogging and who I would probably never encounter in the real world.
(wrestling with retirement awesome lady & blog and who would have thought i could relate to retirement?!)
mothers are amazing, they can juggle multiple things! becoming a mother doesnt mean that you spend every waking second thinking of your child *although i understand from mommy friends that its almost every waking second ;)
you are still a human allowed to have other desires and interests and you shouldn’t be patronized or put down for it.
eh i shouldn’t be personally offended but i just didn’t like the tone very much
oh well happy monday!"

Natalie Catherine said...

yeah i can't read this i will get mad and then my husband will have to listen to me complain about how annoying the article was...i will spare us both. hehe. it's too bad she was so negative.

Mandy P said...

Hey, girl!

You know what...the article didn't make me mad...except the title. The writer is herself a blogger, so I don't know how much she could reasonably bash bloggers. It's cool that almost every single mommyblogger she mentioned I can say I have commented with and am following! =)

Ellen said...

It's not Friday, but I've been slowly going through Friday Follow and found your blog. GREAT blog, I'm now a follower. Look forward to reading more.

Debbie said...

I think this lady was insane for being so judgmental!~ I feel a happy balanced Mom is a good Mom....we have found blogging to be a creative outlet...and in turn makes us happY! Following you from the Friday hop.