Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apples to Gold

In this post, I will probably touching on like 8 different posts that I wanted to make but oh well.

Ive metioned before that im from Ohio. We have lived here in Pittsburgh for about 2 years now. We moved here knowing noone. Since that time, Ive made a handful of friends. Mostly some lovely ladies that I work with at church and like 1 or 2 outside of that. Its been difficult for me. Ive always been a real social person and never had a problem making friends. I love people! It has just been really lonely here for me since weve moved.

But I digress.....I was invited to join a womens group at our church called Apples to Gold and our first meeting was last night. Basically it is a group of older ladies coming together with the younger ladies of the church every tuesday for 7 weeks. We get together and cook, talk, study the bible, eat and just be women! Here is the link to the program

I have to say that I was totally nervous about going to this meeting. Im always afraid I will offend someone by something I say or hurt their feelings. I also am not the typical church going woman. I can swear like a sailor, not to mention drink like one and I love ALL kinds of music. I struggle with myself because these things make me feel less of a christian. I kept wondering to myself, "will I fit in with these women?"

Anyways, it was exactly what I needed in my life right now. The women are ALL amazing and funny and I just cant wait to get to know them all more! Ill keep filling you all in on my journey through this!


Mandy P said...

This is awesome! I'm so glad you're getting to do this. I would love to, but can't with Joe's schedule.

About feeling likeless of a Christian...remember what Paul said about Christ's power being made perfect in Paul's weakness? We aren't expected to be perfect (or there would be no need for Christ to have died.)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

we are all sinners!!! we all sin. it is only through the work of Christ on the cross that we can appear blameles before God. i'm so thankful for that! so don't feel like less of a christian!!! i hope you enjoy the group! it sounds great.

H said...

I should look into something like that here. Being a stay at home mom I haven't made many friends here myself. I am glad you found something where you can interact with ladies from your community!

Laura Dunaway said...
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purseblogger said...

That sounds so fun! Keep us posted on all you do there. I love this idea! :)

The Mommyologist said...

So glad that you've met some nice women! Pittsburgh people are great! I miss it there!

Runningmama said...

Glad you found me on my blog ( This group sounds so neat, those older women have so much life experience that we can learn from...and don't worry about whether you fit in with them cause you fit in with God ;-) and that's all that who you are and someone will learn something from you!

lizgizzy said...

Getting to know new people can be so hard, I completely understand. I'm terribly shy, meeting new people and groups make it worse. So I know how your feel. Try to relax, you'll do fine. If things are looking good, just lay off the swearing until the third or fourth meeting.

tinypaperheart said...

that sounds like the perfect group. :) i love how it's older and younger christian women joined together to strengthen and encourage each other in the faith. :)

Rachel said...

i understand the hard to make friends thing.
i went to college here in sb, but most of my friends left after graduation.
i work at a non profit which is 98 percent women but 98 percent of them are over 50.
the other 2 percent live in ventura because its more affordable.
boo its hard man.
glad you found an outlet!!
ps. you aren't too crazy about rosson crow? lol i donno its crazy looking stuff but i just love it. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

I've always wondered about the swearing thing when it comes to Christianity. I know taking the Lord's name in vain is outlined in the bible, but using vulgar that in the Bible, outlined specifically? I probably missed that passage...I've read the Bible but I've been out of bible study for a while... It just doesn't feel like swearing makes someone less of a Christian, in my opinion.