Thursday, May 27, 2010


My favorite show(other than its always sunny in philidelphia), so you think you can dance, was on last night! Yeeessss!

I love this show! Dont ask me why because my moves are only sweet when Im drinking and delusionsal. Ive been know to do a little running man and the carlton every once in awhile. I also have some moves made up of my own awesome talent! Those tend to come out when I hear 80's music and kenny rogers, the gambler! YyYeessss!

Anyways, a few of a favs were the 123 party guy, obviously only there to get on tv. I like the big girl dancer, she was inspiring! There was this one dude from russia or something and he got me to thinking, where in the hell do dudes find shirts like that! I mean the ones with tons of sequins and no closures? I was craking up at him! What dude walks into a store and is like "oooh man I HAVE to get this shirt! It will look awesome on me!"

Im gonna get me one of those shirts and just wear it to bed! Awesome!