Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Random Randomness

So I cant get my head together for two seconds to write a whole post so I thought Id just do a random randomness post:

-I was really getting sick of the shitty ass blogs that were clogging up my reader so I had to go through them and delete delete delete. I was wondering why I even followed some of them in the first place and was wondering if anyone has ever deleted me? Bitches...

-So daughter #1 had portfolio day at school. She had a cute little stick figure with writing under it that said..."My name is ..... ....... I am 5 years old, and I like to party! Thats awesome! or is it scary?

- Im giving up on doing my designing my blog myself. These wonderful girls are going to whip me up something special! and FINALLY ill have a button! I know all of you are dying to add it to your page!

- My anniversary is tomorrow. I cant think of anything to get my husband. Im hoping he gets me a new coach purse, in honor of my bloggy bff Nikki!

- My Macaroni Kid newsletter is coming along. Id love for you all to become subscribers and help me get my numbers up? Pretty please! You dont have to live by me and I try to have some awesome articles in it!

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-Please be patient with me, I know I have been neglecting blogs, including my own. So hopefully Ill get some new post ideas soon and Ill be back! Thanks!