Monday, May 17, 2010

Were you wondering?

Im so sorry blogging friends. Ive neglected you. Ive had the same post up for like 5 days. Do you want to know why? Probably not but Im going to tell you ANYWAYS!

Ive decided to become a Macaroni Kid! Thats right! I jumped it and Im loving it!

Guess what can be one too!

What is a macaroni kid you ask? Good question! Macaroni Kid and our big family of publisher moms, (that's me) give you the scoop on all that is cool and awesome, family-friendly, goings on in our communities each week by way of an e-newsletter! Its free to subscribe! I do it so you know its awesome!

First, check out my newsletter......Canonsburg Macaroni Kid Make sure you subscribe while you are there, you dont have to live in pittsburgh, just get it for my amazing articles!

Then, email me if you are interested in starting one in your

Now I will leave you with a picture of my real life macaroni kid!