Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lets get it on!

Awhile back my good bloggy friend Maria bestowed upon me this gem of an award. Hows that for an image first thing this morning!

Anyways, for this award, I must tell you 5 CHARACTERS with whom I would chose to knock boots with, or bump plastics with in this case I guess.

So first, here is my list of men and second my list of whos lists' I would like to see! Got all that?

Here goes:

I have to start with my husband...Hes been the star of a few movies...home movies....

Then there is Vince Vaughn in Old School. Or any movie hes in for that matter. Im choosing this one because hes a family man in it but hilarious!

Next Michael Corleone. Nothing like a cute, shy, little ganster.

And cant forget Noah from the Notebook...ok ok dont gag I know its a total sap movie that I dont normally go for, but Im a sucker for southern gentlemen.

Jason Segal in I love you man. I love this movie! Dont ask me why. I just think hes cute!

Cant forget MrT. from the A-Team. I pity the foo who doenst like gold chains.

And Ron Burgandy. Im a sucker for a male flute player.

Ryan Renolds in...ummm...anything....I guess ill pick Van Wilder...your welcome....

Ben Stone...Seth Rogan in knocked up. Aww he was sweet in this movie.

Peter Klaven..also in I love you man.....

So thats my list!

I would love to see what these ladies come up with so Im passing it on to:

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ok i better stop there, you are all too funny and I want to hear who you would pick from ALL of you!