Monday, April 19, 2010

Its a link fest...

So I about peed in my pants when I realized that I was awarded 3 awards yesterday! THREE!!!

I just still cant believe it! I jumped on my table and did a dance cyote ugly style! Not really but I totally wanted to!

Anyways, Im about to list them all so this post will include A TON of links and I really strongly encourage you to check each and every one of them out because they are ALL worth it. Would I lie to you? I think not....

The first one comes from my blogging mentor. If it wasnt for her, I probably wouldnt be blogging. I love her...

and you should too! Stop by and check her out!

Stop by and show her some love too!

For this award I must tell you 10 things that make me happy and ill pick 10 sites that make me happy!

Things that make me happy are as follows:

1. My girls! The single most important thing in my life!

2. My husband...I love him sooooo much!

3. husband gives good ones which is part of the reason he's #2.

4. Laughing...I love a good laugh :)

5. My family and friends....

-My sister....I love her....I wish she didnt live in Nashville and lived closer to me!
-My in-laws...Im am so blessed with great ones...I have 2 brothers in-law and 1 sister in- law, all of which I adore!
- My friends....Im making some great friends here in Pittsburgh but my closest ones live far
away, boooo...Im starting a campaign to get them all to move here!

6. My dog, Mr T. I guess just dogs in general. I think they are hilarious and they all make me

7.Days to myself.

8. that weird?

9. my church...I dont think ive ever actually looked forward to going to church before I started going to my current one.

10.working out...I havent been doing it lately and I think ive gained like 10 lbs. It does make me a happier person though.

and one last thing: COFFEE!

Blogs that make me happy are as follows:

1. Nikki....shes my bloggy bff/sister/same person....its weird but we are the same.
2. Rachel....shes got great taste, shes funny, shes beautiful, and I think shes just the bees knees.

3. Laura Jane....just looking at her blog makes me happy.

4. Carrie....shes new but I already love her blog.

5. Messy Mommy....I just love her blog! Its so cute and she dances like its going out of style!

6. Maria....I found her when I first started blogging and she is an AMAZING writer!

7. H.....Also found her when I started blogging and loved her ever since.

8. Stacia...Her blog is pretty

9. Katie....shes new so Im showing my support!

10. Jennifer.....shes new too! And she sells sentsy..I love sentsy

Then I got the Honest Scrap award from


These two blogs are my favs...I actually get excited when they have new posts and I cant wait to read what they have to say! I dont think I could say enough about them as far as how great I think the two of them are!

For this award I have to tell you ten honest things about myself that nobody knows, hence the honest award, and then pick 10 honest blogs.

Honest things are:

1. Im tired ALL the F'in time...I dont know why and I have gone to the dr for it to no avail.

2. Im a really happy person but I have times where I just randomly fall into deep depressions, it started after the birth of daughter #1.

3. I laugh at a lot of stuff that no one else thinks is funny.

4. I NEVER thought I would be a stay-at-home mom, I was always very career focused until #1

5. I do not get along with my mom, my grandma is my mother figure and best friend.

6. I gained 70 lbs with both my girls and lost it both times! Now my fat ass is gaining weight again....time to get off the computer I guess.

7. Ive never smoked in my life but after my second daughter I was craving cigs...EWWWW

8. My husband and I want to go to ireland someday.
9. I have to dye my hair now because my sister, who does hair, found grey hairs. Nnnooooooo!

10. My favorite thing to do it sit on my deck with a glass of wine and listen to bob marley.

Honest blogs, not to mention GREAT blogs! These blogs also make me happy!

2. Daisygirl @ adailyscoopofchaos

3. Pamela @ 2 much testerone

4. Mama Lungo @ The Lungos

5. Mom of Three @ needmorecoffeeplease

6. Shannon @ googiemomma

7. Momma Kiss @ mommakiss

9. Alyssa @ BloggintoNoggin

10.Lambaround @ Lambaround

I was also mentioned on a few blogs this weekend so I thought I would mention a few blogs here!

These are some of my favorites but I dont think they get into the whole award thing...

Jane @ mylifeasjane and Jamie @ Daydream Believer

Ok so this post took me three days to get out so I hope you take the time to check em all out!

Thanks everyone and I hope you are all having a great day!

Whhheeewww now I can get back to regular blogging!


Jamie said...

Of course I get into the awards thing, girlfriend!! I just hate having to choose other blogs to award! :-( But I am honored, my dear, and I love your blog!

Carrie said...

Thanks for the mention Jessica! Great post!!!!!

Nikki said...

You made my day again and I almost made me shed a few tears because I was having a pretty crabby morning!!
I'm pretty sure we could have been separated at birth.
Sitting out on the deck with a glass of wine and Bob Marley would be my ideal evening!! I wish we lived close so we could hang together!!!
And I sometimes get into little bouts of depression...for no reason really...I just feel sad! And then I get mad at myself because I shouldn't feel that way! Probably just being tired and stressed!
You deserve these....I can't wait to read your posts and look forward to it could you get on top of posting everyday please!!
You bloggy BFF/Sister/Other half!!

Daisygirl said...

Okay I am late on your award post...I just left you the Honest Scrap award on my blog this morning!

You are on a roll this week!!! Woohoo!

the momma said...

Thanks for the award Jessica! How's this for honesty--I can't type a longer comment b/c LittleBear just attacked for her evening milky...:0)
Thanks so much!!!

Rachel said...

hey this really o'brightened my day!
you mon freir are awesome.
& thank you for thinking so highly of me lol.
i wish the bf gave good massages.
he thinks he does, and therein lies the problem. lol
his giant hands are too violent! like im a dainty flower stop squashing me with your man hands. :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

congrats on your awards! : ) i like vaccumming, too!!!

Sabrina said...

Congrats on your awards!!! Thanks for linking to the other blogs. I love finding new ones and you just eliminated some legwork for me, lol!

I'm a new follower!

Mandy P said...

Oh, Jessica...where to start? Your blogging mentor? You're TOO Sweet. You've already surpassed me in "followers"! =)

Reading your list of 10 things that I may not know about you I found myself thinking I could have written the list. Amazing. I'm SO glad we are real-life friends and bloggy friends! =) XOXOXO

Betsy ( said...

Congrats Jessica! Isn't winning an award from a peer the nicest compliment? I'll check out these blogs you recommend. Thanks for coming by zen-mama today!

Kristin @ Ellie-Town said...

Congrats on your awards!

Now I have a lot more blogs to check out....



The Sharp's said...

Way to go on all of the awards!!!
The blog is looking great, btw!

i'm no miss said...


Congrats on the fabulous beauties you got today!

Way to go!

I'm from around the corner :)
Glad I've found your blog.

Elaine said...

Congrats on the blog awardS! Loved reading these little facts about you! :)

Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
clothed much, a modest fashion blog

lizgizzy said...

Congrats on your awards!

Laura Jane said...

You are SO sweet! Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad my blog makes you happy- that's exactly what I want it to do for my readers.

Thank you so much! And thanks for the link up!

Jen R said...

Jessica!! Congrats!!! That is so awesome!! This is why you are my new mentor! lol

And thanks so much for plug :)


I'm Jane said...

Darlin', I happily non-accept your non-award! You know me so well. ;)

MommaKiss said...

Heeeeeey, thank you thank you thank you!!

You must have been busy working up your outfit, red carpet walk, all that jazz to accept the awards :)

SWEET - Thanks for that! I'll link ya on my next post. Whenever that happens ;)

H said...

Thank you so much for the award! You made my day! Just sorry it took me an extra day to get over here. Hope you have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Thanks for the award! I will link back to you when I get it finished!