Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bloggy Block

Im really have bloggers block lately! I keep writing all these different posts but cant seem to get my thoughts together enough to compose something worth reading or something that sounds remotely coherent for that matter! I feel like Ive been having all these different thoughts and ideas about what I was to say but when I go to write, it all sounds like a bunch of crap so I delete them.

Sometimes when I go to write these posts, I think about what my readers will think about me? For example, Ill say to myself, I cant say that because

- it will offend someone
- I will sound like a total idiot
- who cares about reading that
- oh no, what if someone thinks Im a bad mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc...
- I will have to edit the shit out of that one

just to name a few!

I feel like ive been myself when I write this blog so far but I dont think Ive been myself enough.
So now I think its time to write this blog FOR ME! No more if this nonsense self-editing!



Debbie said...

No apologies! This is your journal. Write from your heart.

Rachel said...

i totally feel you on the editing yourself thing.
you dont want to offend, but sometimes im an offensive person! lol
but i figure editing myself at least the way i have been for my blog, may not be a bad thing for me (such as wtf doesnt stand for what the freak lol but its similar)
so heres to constructive self-editing & the disposal of any other type of holding back! :)
garh wheres my latte. . .

Elaine said...

LOL!!! I do that too. But in the end it is YOUR blog!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Nikki said...

Good Afternoon to my bloggy BFF!!! I feel like I wrote this post. I struggle with the same thing.....I don't want to offend someone or come off stupid but I need to realize that I just need to be myself and write for myself and just hope that people will laugh!
I love reading your posts....just remember to be true to yourself...I need to remember the same thing. Because I can be really innappropriate!!!!
And yes I am jealous about you living so close to a Coach outlet. I would get into A LOT of trouble!!!

H said...

I totally understand. I'll start a post that's a bit on the sad side and then think, "no one wants to read something so depressing", but that's why I started my blog.

Definitely write for yourself! I know easier said than done.

Maria said...

Some things just need to be said the way that they flow out of you. No apologies needed.

Messy Mommy said...

Write for YOU! Don't worry about what others think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!