Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'd be...

So my girl Rachel @ littlegirlshinyworld, had the cutest little post that I thought Id steal for a quick little post of my own.. Its just a little list to tell you a bit more about myself...

If I was a month, I’d be October. I just love the leaves changing and the weather starting to get cooler after a hot, hot summer!

If I was a day of the week, I’d be Friday.

If I was a time of day, I’d be the night time. MMuhhhahahaha

If I was a planet, I’d be Uranus. Im immature like that!

If I was a sea animal, I’d be an octopus.

If I was a direction, I’d be south. Warm weather and vacation!

If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be patio furniture.

If I was a liquid, I’d be wine. Oh how I love thee!

If I was a gemstone, I’d be a diamond. Girls best friend right!

If I was a tree, I'd be a Christmas tree!

If I was a tool, I’d be a knife. Ill cut you...

If I was a flower, I’d be rose. Traditional and I love them!

If I was a kind of weather, I’d be a storm. Dont mess with me bitches!

If I was a musical instrument, I’d be a drum.

If I was a color, I’d be black. Like the night....

If I was an emotion, I’d be happiness because I strive for it everyday!
If I was a fruit, I’d be star fruit because it sounds cooler than grapes!

If I was a sound, I'd be laughter!

If I was an element, I'd be air.

If I was a car, I'd be an el camino...they make me laugh

If I was a food, I'd be a taco...mmmmm

If I was a place, I'd be the beach. I cant think of a better place to be!

If I was a material, I’d be polyester.

If I was a taste, I’d be sweet of course.

If I was a scent, I’d be B.O. after a good workout!


Nikki said...

Ok....I seriously wish we lived by each other!!!
I always say "I'll cut you"...which probably isn't the nicest thing but who cares! I love tacos!! I think Uranus is funny too!!
As far as your comment on my post earlier....get a Canon Rebel if and when you can. And as soon as I figure stuff out I will pass along the info to you. Have fun with your gangsta camera for the time being.

Nikki said...

Hey Lady....I left you something over at my blog!!!

Rachel said...

haha omg u really did not say you would be B.O. that is great!
b.o. polyester & an el camino sounds like a good time to me!
oh yeah cant forget the wine. thats the icing on the cake.
you are too funn. and i like it.

The Baby Store Plus said...

Hi, I am still working my way through the Follow Friday Celebration List! I am now following you.

Hope you get a chance to visit my blog too!

Have a Wonderful Week!


Jenn said...

Love this...what a cute way to share more about yourself in a fun way! Hope you had fun at the Ultimate Blog Party! I know its over but I'm still partying and visiting some new blogs! :)

Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
My UBP blog post: How to Make a Tutu blog - hope you will stop by, say hi, and grab a free tutu making lesson to make a beautiful, fun skirt for your princess! :) and Mom Blogger $100 Cash Contest

Mandy P said...

You had me up until the B.O. part. =) I'm glad you are who you are. You're pretty terrific already!!

Messy Mommy said...

B.O.????? Interesting.... remember those polyester shirts back in the day? or the silk shirts. My homecoming date wore a silk shirt. It was 2000. I was mortified. :)