Tuesday, February 16, 2010

was that the last one?

This past weekend was the wedding of my best friend and as we all got dresses in our 200 dollar dresses that we will never wear again, and got our 50 dollar hair styles that fell out in an hour, it forced me to remember what it was like when I got married 6 years ago. At this point, I have started and deleted 2 posts dedicated to this topic because I cannot help but sound so negitative about all that being a bridesmaid entails! This is only my second post and if someone ever DOES read this, I dont want to come across as a heartless friend and negitive person.

I should start by saying that this woman who got married has been my best friend for well over 20 years so I feel like I am entitled to say all of this without the thought of if I am really a good friend or not.

It started out with the engagement. She told all of us, friends and family, that she was engaged through a text! Granted it was a picture of her beautiful ring that she wanted us all to see, but still it was a text!! I cant imagine that being done when I got engaged so long ago. Next was the wedding shower. I should add here that I never even thought to have a wedding shower so I was unfamilar. I guess I always thought that you were supposed to get gifts for the actual wedding so I was confused as to what a shower was really for anyways? After that, the bachelorette party! Yay! My favorite part! Ok so not so much. You see, we live in different cities so her friends planned what turned into a 3 days ski trip. That sounds like a blast but we are a young family with young kids and really dont have the extra money to spend on things like that. If it was only those things, it really would have been ok but the friends also stipulated what we had to wear, even including shoes that I had to buy. And since when are you supposed to get MORE gifts for the bachelorette party??Sooooooo by the time the wonderful day came, I was broke and tired from trying to make a few extra bucks wherever I could.

The day has been had and it was truly beautiful and I was honored to be a part of thier new life together. I just wonder...was that the last one? Because I am getting toooo ooolllllddd ,or broke, for all this!


Mandy P said...

WHAT?! Oh to be young/single/engaged again when I could just drop everythng and take a 3 day ski trip!! I don't think you're being too negative. It's hard to honor your frined and not break the bank all at the same time.