Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My 4th post!

This is my fourth post, obviously! I say this with such emphasis because i'm still being a big baby about writing these posts. I keep thinking of things I want to talk about, things I want to comment about and/or things I want to bitch about. The thing is, im still writing this blog with such edit or rather THINK about writing in this blog with such edit that I feel like its becoming an obsession of what everyone will think about me rather than an obsession of writing the blogs themselves.

The friend who inspired me to finally get going on writing this blog, I say finally because I have started 3 blogs before this and never had the courage to continue, has been such a help! Ive been reading other womens blogs and just learning about the "blogespere" all from suggestions of hers! Not to mention she is my one and only follower! I know for sure that I would not be doing this if it wasnt for her inspiring me!

Since I have had kids, I feel like my mind just literally left me. My conversations now consist of daily routines and logistics when they used to consist of what was actually going on in the world and maybe about a book or something that was outside of the world of child-rearing. I am having a hard time finding the confidence in my writing and my thoughts again after these last 5 years!

Im being told that this all goes away and I really hope it does. Until then, I will try to muster up the courage to continue writing and hopefully someday, somewhere, someone will read this! If you do, please continue to write your stories because you never know who you could be inspiring and helping get through this crazy life God has blessed us with!


Mandy P said...

DO NOT doubt yourself! I love reading your thoughts. Just write about your everyday stuff...all the things that make you laugh later as you remember them. =) Pretty soon you'll be thinking of so many things...