Thursday, February 18, 2010

teen pregnancy

I love myself some reality tv! Yes, I will admit that it is my number one guily pleasure. BUT! I have decided to boycot american idol and last night television had only that or the olympics to watch so I decided to watch a lifetime movie called "the pregnancy pact."

If you haven't heard of this movie, it is loosely based on that news story a few years back about a group of teenage girls who all decided to get pregnant together. They all live in a small MA fishing town and none was older than 16 years old!

Being a mother of two daughters, this movie was extrememly disturbing to me. These girls were smoking and drinking to the point of passing out! I am so scared to being raising children in times like these. But I digress, this movie made me think about what it was like to A, be a teenager, and B, what it was like to be in high school agian. Maybe its just me but I dont remember everyone walking around the school making out all the time and having their hands down each others pants.

Not only is this movie disturbing but add to it the fact that one of MTV's most watched shows is "im 16 and pregnant." What is this world coming to? Its makes me think, am I really that old to be so upalled by this? I remember hearing that when my parents were younger, this is what their parents were saying about the Beatles when they first came on the scene. At least that was just music and couldn't really actually harm or totally uproot someones life.

Im sure noone will really care what I thought about this movie but it really made me think and I just wanted to vent about it!