Wednesday, June 9, 2010

where did my baby go?

My baby is no longer....I now offically have a school age kid....what do I do, my baby is now a first grader!!!!!

Today is the last day daughter #1 will be a Kindergartner. I think I may be taking this a little worse than the day she acutally started!

She has learned SO much since she started! She writes her name better, she reads, she sounds out words, she calls things"lame," (not sure where she got that)she has an endless collection of those damned silly bands, and I couldnt be more proud!

I am just so in love with her and am already starting to have anxiety about her entering the 1st grade. With Kindergarten, she was only gone a few hours, with 1st grade she will be gone ALL day! What will I do?

What if she needs me sometime during the day? What if she gets tired? What if she has noone to sit with at lunch?

This graduation came SO fast, im hoping that the next one, high school, takes its sweet ass time!