Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know I totally said I was going to boycott the bachlorette but ive fallen under its spell again! I keep protesting against it and find myself watching it again. SO I decided to tell you all my thoughts as I watch....

~ I am loving the guys with no shirts on by the pool! YYEsssss. This why I continue to watch!

~ The weatherman looks like hes about to bust out in some hangin tough moves. He totally looks like a NKOTB!

~ What happened to the other bare naked lady? Is he still in jail for that crack bust?

~ I love the dude who has a tatoo of his moms signature...awwwww

~ Weatherman is gay. Why doesnt he just admit it. He HAS to be!

~ Doesnt Alli realize that her family is going to see this show! Whore!

~ Yay! No shirts again!

~ Is it me or was that music video a joke?

~ Hunter reminds me of curious george.

~ Aww now I feel bad that I said that because he just got the boot.

~ There is more drama in that house than in a sorority house! Bitches.

~ Oh . my. goodness..I cant wait to see Casey freak out next week! What have I become.....Im ashamed....