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Friday, March 11, 2011

Im back bitches!

Ok so its been a year, almost, since Ive written on here and in the meantime, Ive had a baby and started a masters degree. Thats right! I freiken rule!I dont even know if anyone will read after that long! I needed a break from blogging. I couldnt take anymore posts about please pray for so and so and please enter this contest. Im back and with a vengence! I dont give a shit if offend anyone anymore. This space is for me. I dont know how often I will write because I want to make sure I have something to say and not just fluff! Anyways, no more butterflys and rainbows. Im gonna talk about punching people in the neck and whatever the hell else I want.
Im back beyotches!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

where did my baby go?

My baby is no longer....I now offically have a school age kid....what do I do, my baby is now a first grader!!!!!

Today is the last day daughter #1 will be a Kindergartner. I think I may be taking this a little worse than the day she acutally started!

She has learned SO much since she started! She writes her name better, she reads, she sounds out words, she calls things"lame," (not sure where she got that)she has an endless collection of those damned silly bands, and I couldnt be more proud!

I am just so in love with her and am already starting to have anxiety about her entering the 1st grade. With Kindergarten, she was only gone a few hours, with 1st grade she will be gone ALL day! What will I do?

What if she needs me sometime during the day? What if she gets tired? What if she has noone to sit with at lunch?

This graduation came SO fast, im hoping that the next one, high school, takes its sweet ass time!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know I totally said I was going to boycott the bachlorette but ive fallen under its spell again! I keep protesting against it and find myself watching it again. SO I decided to tell you all my thoughts as I watch....

~ I am loving the guys with no shirts on by the pool! YYEsssss. This why I continue to watch!

~ The weatherman looks like hes about to bust out in some hangin tough moves. He totally looks like a NKOTB!

~ What happened to the other bare naked lady? Is he still in jail for that crack bust?

~ I love the dude who has a tatoo of his moms signature...awwwww

~ Weatherman is gay. Why doesnt he just admit it. He HAS to be!

~ Doesnt Alli realize that her family is going to see this show! Whore!

~ Yay! No shirts again!

~ Is it me or was that music video a joke?

~ Hunter reminds me of curious george.

~ Aww now I feel bad that I said that because he just got the boot.

~ There is more drama in that house than in a sorority house! Bitches.

~ Oh . my. goodness..I cant wait to see Casey freak out next week! What have I become.....Im ashamed....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I fly like paper get high like planes

... a song by MIA....like me...MIA get it?? Hahaha

Ive been so sucky at keeping up with blogging lately but I do have some news...Im getting a new blog design! The lovely ladies over at Zaney Dezines are whipping me up something awesome!

So stay tuned because I have an announcement for you all!!!!! Its exciting!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What does memorial day mean to you?

Does it mean a day off of work? Does it mean that you are going to get that grill out for the first time begining grilling season? Does it mean summer is here?

Whatever meaning it has for you, please remember the meaning it has to millions of us Americans, our freedom and those precious hereos who fought to preserve it! No matter what your political views or what you think about war, today is a day to celebrate and give thanks to those who fight and have fought for your freedom!

To often we forget what the "Memorial" in Memorial Day stands for. It goes unreconized or ignored by too many of us who are the recipients of our fallen hereos sacrifice. The day comes and goes and we forget to observe the day as it should be, remembering our family members, loved ones, neighbors, friends and those who came before us!

My husband is a former Army soldier and I am so proud that he fought for me, and for YOU! I cannot image life with out my soldier and this weekend, I will remember his fellow soldiers and those soldiers who came before him. Not only was a my husband a solider, but so were both my grandfathers and my step-father. I can image this day is bittersweet for them as they all know too many soldiers who who gave up their lives to protect ours!

Please remember them today!

Now go have to some fun!!! Happy Memorial Day!


My favorite show(other than its always sunny in philidelphia), so you think you can dance, was on last night! Yeeessss!

I love this show! Dont ask me why because my moves are only sweet when Im drinking and delusionsal. Ive been know to do a little running man and the carlton every once in awhile. I also have some moves made up of my own awesome talent! Those tend to come out when I hear 80's music and kenny rogers, the gambler! YyYeessss!

Anyways, a few of a favs were the 123 party guy, obviously only there to get on tv. I like the big girl dancer, she was inspiring! There was this one dude from russia or something and he got me to thinking, where in the hell do dudes find shirts like that! I mean the ones with tons of sequins and no closures? I was craking up at him! What dude walks into a store and is like "oooh man I HAVE to get this shirt! It will look awesome on me!"

Im gonna get me one of those shirts and just wear it to bed! Awesome!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I told you I like to rock!